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Setting up the business in early 2021, amid the third Lockdown imposed due to the Coronavirus pandemic, Martin has taken a giant leap of faith but one that is measured and with an awareness of a gap in the industry. Larger developers often have in-house engineering or technical managers, but we can offer a similar service independently.

With more than two decades of experience working for both engineering consultants and developers, Martin has encountered a considerable number of challenges at all stages of a variety of developments. Rarely are these challenges unforeseen and they usually occur due to insufficient consideration in the early stages of a project. This is the ideal time when risks, constraints and opportunities can be designed into, or out of, a development proposal.

A development that considers the engineering and infrastructure risks early is more likely to avoid objections from planning consultees on highways and transportation, flood risk and drainage, ground conditions and contamination or levels and earthworks.

Similarly, by reducing risks early, there is greater certainty built into the project for the price of the land, construction costs and sales returns. There is less opportunity for developers to ‘chip’ away at the land valuation or for contractors to claim for additional work that was not included in their tender.

We are keen to assist landowners, custom and self-builders and developers in identifying the engineering and infrastructure risks and providing a roadmap for removing, mitigating or working with them.

Our insights have made stalled developments viable again, through practical interventions, using the right specialists and by having detailed negotiations with stakeholders such as the Highway Authority or Lead Local Flood Authority. Conversely, our early insights have led to developers walking away from potential sites, saving them abortive costs and time.

Martin is a creative engineer with a BEng (Hons) Civil Engineering degree, a broad range of experience, a problem-solving ability, an inquisitive mind, an attention to detail and a warm personality. We look forward to working with you on your project.

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