Advise on development potential from an engineering and infrastructure perspective, including access, flood risk, drainage, ground conditions, contamination, services.


Advise on the impacts of constraints, such as sewer easements, overhead electricity cables, overland surface water flow routes. We also prepare Constraints & Opportunities Plans.


Advise on whether engineering and infrastructure risks may affect the suitability of land for inclusion in Neighbourhood Plans or Local Plans (‘Call for Sites’).




Review sketch and proving layouts for engineering and infrastructure requirements, identifying alternative approaches that may add value by improving character, reducing construction time and cost, or adding sales potential.

Review planning applications prior to submission to identify risks, constraints and opportunities, or to identify shortcomings, areas for improvement or alternative approaches.

Review existing consents and planning conditions to identify engineering and infrastructure risks, constraints and opportunities prior to land purchase or signing of option agreements.



Coordinate appropriate surveys and investigations to enable engineering designs to be resilient and well-informed. This includes land surveys, measured building surveys, drainage investigations, ground investigations, transport and highways engineers, flood risk and drainage engineers and specialists for contaminated land, earthworks and retaining structures.

Coordinate and recommend suitably experienced sub-contractors and civil engineering consultants, preparing scopes of works before obtaining and reviewing competitive

quotes. Martin Riches Ltd only recommend sub-contractors that hold full insurances, independent health & safety accreditation and, where relevant, waste disposal certification. Similarly, we only recommend engineering consultants that can seamlessly transition between planning and construction stages of a project, as this embeds quality design from the outset.

Coordinate and oversee sub-contractor and consultant involvement to ensure that surveys, investigations and engineer designs cover all that is required for discharging planning conditions, obtaining robust groundworks tenders, ensuring buildability and meeting any site-specific issues.

Coordinate services records and utility capacities to ensure build budgets incorporate costs for off-site network reinforcement and ensuring substations are incorporated into site layouts where necessary.

Coordinate and attend pre-application meetings with planning, highways, flood risk and drainage officers.

Sustainable Drainage (SuDS)

We are also a keen SuDS practitioner advising on multiple benefits to new developments and to existing streets. We strive to uphold the ‘Four Pillars’ of sustainable drainage: Water Quantity, Water Quality, Amenity and Biodiversity. Our experience includes permeable paving (‘permpave’), green and blue roofs, daylighting culverts and retrofitting SuDS on highways in areas affected by combined sewer overflow (CSO) flooding.

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